Tent vs Gazebo: Choosing the Best Shelter for Outdoor Activities


Singapore is the most densely populated place on the planet. A small island city-state at the end of the Malayan Peninsula, it is home to 5.5M people crammed in a measly 277.6 sqm land area along with 4,300 high-rises, majority of which are located in the city-state’s Downtown core. There is simply very limited space in the country that its urban planning principle is based on the fundamental and practical assumption of land scarcity.

As such, holding of outdoor events and other gatherings like weddings, birthdays, exhibits, and other large events, which have become fashionable in recent years, have become a logistic problem.  The attraction of outdoor spaces as a venue for gatherings is easy to grasp: wider and better ventilated areas compared to traditional rooms or halls which allows for more guests and more flexible programs.  The advantages however are also considerable. Water and electrical sources must be accessible, rerouting of traffic and public movement must be feasible on top of liter disposal problems that typically comes with large events.

But perhaps the most critical problem in holding outdoor activities is the special need to secure the area from unwanted intrusion or natural events such as rain and wind.

Gazebo and tents rentals have become common in Singapore primarily for this reason. These tentage rental services offer both the equipment as well as assembly and dismantling services. In some cases, tentage rentals also offer additional utility services like lighting and security. 

For large-scale activities like outdoor dining, concerts, entertainment events, fun runs, medical drives, gazebos are the best options. Since gazebos are free-standing roofed structures made up of sturdy pillars or braces, they are more durable and provide additional possibilities like setting up of walls and other fixtures like television or announcement boards. They are also best for make-shift office set-ups or command centres for very large events that require a central secretariat, information booth, or medical assistance housing.   Gazebo rentals are relatively expensive since it requires considerable manpower to set up in addition to the numerous materials required to keep these structures stable and durable.

For smaller events like simple family outdoor recreational activities, tents are hands down the more practical choice. Tents are smaller shelter facility made up sheets of waterproof fabrics draped around crossing lightweight aluminum or titanium frames. For camping needs, smaller tents there are tents designed for a single individual to those that can fit up to 15 occupants. For other events like car shows, fund drive, corporate and social exhibits, there are makeshift tents than can cover up 10-20 sqm area. More heavy duty tents have been in use as excavation covers and industrial shelters and temporary habitation of disaster victims. But generally, tents are less durable than gazebos since they can rarely sustain heavier attachments like tarpaulin walls. Nonetheless, they are more readily detachable and foldable which makes it less labour intensive that setting-up up gazebos. . Tentage rental In Singapore is cheaper than gazebo rentals with rental rates ranging from 50 USD to 150 USD per day depending on the size of the tent and the duration of usage.


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