Guide on Buying Sunglasses


One of the essential accessories during summer is the sunglasses. It is not only for fashion but it will also help you protect your eyes from dirt and sun rays. There are tons of sunglasses that you can find both in-store and online shops that may catch your attention. Although you can just pick the one that will look cute with your outfit, there are still important things that you need to consider when buying sunglasses, which are listed below.

Polarized or not?

If you love shopping for sunglasses, you might already see polarized sunglasses and maybe you’re wondering how it is different from the other ones. Polarized sunglasses Singapore has a lot of benefits for your eyes like it reduces glare, reduce eyestrain, improves vision, and protects eyes from damage. The polarized lens has the ability to block light waves that is caused by a light source, which can be harsh for the eyes. Even though the ordinary sunglasses can also reduce brightness, it doesn’t have the capability to reduce harsh glare like polarized sunglasses.


The colour tints of sunglasses are not only for aesthetic looks, it also affects the quality of the sunglasses. If you look for polarised sunglasses online, you can find several ones with tints of brown, grey, yellow, green, blue, and even red. Although you can choose whatever colour of tint that is pleasing to you, you might want to consider how they differ to one another. For example, grey tint is the most popular one because it doesn’t distort colours and it can reduce glare and brightness. While the red tint sunglasses is comfortable to wear for a long time compared to other tint colours and it also has the ability to block blue light. 

Frame material

The type of material of the sunglasses frame depends on your preference. There are people who love wearing sunglasses made out of plastic, while some prefer the metal ones. There are a lot of frame materials to choose from such as acetate, tortoise shell, titanium, stainless steel, and even wood. Each frame material has their own pros and cons and it entirely depends on your preference aesthetically and its comfort. Most people choose sunglasses with frames that will go well with their outfit while some choose the material based on its durability.

Frame shape

If you want to ensure that the sunglasses you’ll be purchasing will look good on you, you must know the shape of your face. Figure out if you have a square, heart, round, or oval face shape to help you figure out what types of sunglasses frame shape that will accentuate your features. For people who have a round face, it is recommended that you choose sunglasses with cat eye, square, or retro square frames. While aviator, retro square, and oversized sunglasses are perfect for people who have oval shape face. People who have a strong jaw and wide cheekbones and forehead or the ones who have square face shape, aviator, round, and shield sunglasses will look great on you. Cat eye, retro square, and sports sunglasses are meant for people who have heart face shape.

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