France, food and portion control

French! I kissed it and I cooked it!

Where to next?

Melon salad Melon salad in St Brieuc—very manageable

We’ve been overseas for almost two months and enjoyed almost three weeks travelling around France. We’ve enjoying the landscapes, the museums and other touristic sites, the language, the cheese, the wine and the food, in general.

But nothing prepared us for portion control.

The French have a wonderful lunchtime option called the ‘plat du jour’.  It’s only offered at lunchtime on weekdays and it can be one, two or three courses—meaning an entrée (or starter depending on where you live), a main and a dessert.

The plat du jour is usually quite generous and usually ranged in price from 10 to 15 euros. I usually ordered an entrée and main, while Mr. Sweet Tooth usually opted for a main and dessert. When we ordered the plat du jour, we usually went very light on dinner.

Butter tart Custard tart

Fromage blanc with strawberries Fromage blanc with strawberries

When we headed out…

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