Throw a Party to Foster Camaraderie


As the old saying goes, no man is an island and people are naturally social beings because people thrive in communities and anthropological groups where they are surrounded by like-minded and similar people much like themselves who give them the unconditional love, undying support and constructive criticism that they need to grow. Sure, there are shy introverts and timid wallflowers out there who are afraid of their time in the limelight especially in socially awkward situations but sooner or later, they need to emerge from their private cocoons and safety bubble. And of course, they still enjoy the company of their closest friends and beloved family members especially on dark, dismal and lonely days when nothing seems to be going their way and they just need a hug or a couple of pats in the back reassuring them that everything is going to be alright in the end.

Speaking of dark and depressing days when they feel like giving up, throwing in the towel at the centre of the ring and waving the proverbial white flag, it is imperative for people to hang out with the folks that they love who will give them the motivation that they need to power through, move forward and prevent the early onset of deep and brooding depression. In times like these, great food brings good people together and that is why we see companies throwing a party and hiring a corporate catering business in Singapore to boost the morale of the whole team especially during tough times and lean months.

With that said, here are some excellent tips and effective pieces of advice when throwing a party and hosting a social get-together to foster camaraderie, strengthen relationships and help people reconnect on a deeper level with one another.

Spread it Long and Wide

When it comes to mini buffet catering in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries like Japan, Thailand and Malaysia where people love to eat, it is crucial to have a lot of food selection on the menu because people have diverse taste buds and culinary palettes. Some people are also deathly allergic to different kinds of food items like nuts and seafood and that is why it is wise and prudent for servers to communicate with the people and tell them exactly what is in the food that they are about to eat to prevent catastrophes and fatal incidents.

Flock Similar Birds Together

Hosts should know their guests very well therefore, to make sure that everyone has a grand time and to lessen the amount of awkward silence because of lulls in conversation, the seating arrangement of every table should be planned thoroughly beforehand. People with similar interests, personalities and close acquaintance with one another should be grouped together because they are more likely to be actively engaged with each other throughout the party.

Excel in Entertainment

Nobody likes to be stuck in dull and boring parties and that is why aside from cool music and mellow lighting, hosts should make sure that the entertainment is pumping to keep everyone upbeat and alive. Live bands with several sets prepared is obviously the first choice but if they are strapped for cash, an awesome DJ who knows how to work the crowd will do in a pinch.

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