5 Essential Web Design Tips for Your Business

Your website serves as the face of your business, online. It functions round the clock so it’s only fitting to ensure it’s working well. Like any Internet user, you know how poorly designed websites can put off visitors. If the page looks outdated and information you’re looking for is not available, chances are you’ll move to another site. Make it a ritual to always check your business website. Here are tips to help improve design for your business website.
  1. Keep it clutter-free. Our eyes can only handle as much information. Users have limited attention span and truth be told, we rarely read every word we see on a website. People are more likely to scan and go straight to details they need. That said, evaluate your website to see if it looks clean. Eliminate unnecessary information on your homepage and don’t forget to make your calls-to-action visible right away. Make these buttons stand out so you can attract as many conversions as you can. Important messages should be highlighted and easy-to-read. Incorporate images or visuals too because that’s what consumers see before anything else.
  1. Prioritize readability. While people are less likely to read your content word for word, readability should still be top of your list when designing your website. Come to think of it, users will not waste their time trying to figure hard-to-read fonts. Make sure that background color you’re using is in contrast with your font colors. If you have a light-colored background, your text should hence be dark-colored. You might also want to limit font types you’re using. Decide on a couple you’ll want your website to use. There’s nothing wrong with being creative, but don’t let it take a toll on readability. Singapore web design professionals will attest to this.
  1. Make sure it’s easy to navigate. Always place yourself in the shoes of a typical user. Be sure filters and navigation menus are present. Let your visitors locate data they need fast by providing them with a structured or organized menu. Your logo should also be linked to your homepage so anywhere your user goes, it will be easy for them to go back. Crucial information should always be found on top of the webpage, without the need for users to scroll down. And your footer should also allow for helpful information or links.
  1. Include social sharing buttons. Don’t forget to include social media buttons on your website. This will make content sharing a lot easier and faster; plus, it will work to your favor. You’ll never know how much exposure your content can gain if your site visitors will be sharing them with their followers and friends. This should be easy to do, especially if you have a Singapore based web design company working for you.
  1. Don’t forget your website’s mobile version. Since people also use their mobile phones heavily to browse the Internet, it pays to ensure your website is responsive. Whether visitors are checking it via desktop or mobile, your content should be easy-on-the-eyes and your website, overall, should be easy to navigate.
Use this list above as a checklist for evaluating your business website. Good if you already have them in place and if not, start working on them as soon as possible. Call for help from website design professionals in Singapore.

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