Importance of Eye Safety


When it comes to our five basic senses, vision or eyesight can easily be considered as one of the most important senses that we have. It helps us identify and visualize whether what we’re seeing or looking at is familiar to us.  Most eye injuries occur when not wearing eye protection. These includes different activities such as sports that require quick and sudden movements, using different kinds of hardware and household tools, and even accidental application of perfumes, cleaning agents, or any hazardous chemicals to the eyes. In such unwanted scenarios that caused eye injuries, one should immediately consult a professional eye care centre. These things can be avoided if a person would use proper protective eyewear during these activities. Eyewear can also help people by correcting the problem with their vision. This can apply to people with Nearsightedness (Myopia) where people are able to see things near them just fine, but their vision unclear or blur when looking at objects that are farther away, and also people with Farsightedness (Hyperopia) which is the exact opposite of Myopia where people can see fine at a distance, but have trouble visualizing objects near them, or even for people who have Astigmatism which is an eye lens defect where the vision is blurry regardless of distance.

Here in Singapore, people wear different types of eyewear such as sunglasses, spectacles, UV protection glasses, or even designer glasses such as Porsche Design eyewear. Eyewears became important to the fashion industry as well especially in the middle of the 20th century. From different fashion trends to individual preferences, eyewears have helped people express their own styles. People also tend to be more confident with their appearance when wearing glasses based on their preferences to make their fashion statement stand out and look unique. 

As for vision impaired people, eyewear is their everyday necessity for their daily life tasks and activities. This is common for students for they find trouble reading their academic materials without the help of an eyewear suitable for the condition of their eyesight, thus affecting their grades and productivity. This also applies to workplaces, especially in the corporate industry, where reviewing and managing documents are one of the most important tasks. One false mistake or error in such assignment may result in misinformation.

Eyewear can also help people without any problems with their vision. As our generation improve digitally, most of our daily business includes interaction with devices such as computer screens, smartphones, and other things that may affect our eyesight over time. Wearing glasses with anti-radiation function can prevent our eyesight from going bad especially with the prolonged use of such apparatus. Manufacturers like DITA, Dunhill, Puma eyewear, Esprit, and Porsche Design eyewear are the best brands around that can provide optimum comfort, quality, and style in their product. With such importance, it is recommended to get not just a good pair of glasses, but also one should make sure that it is durable, eye friendly and a perfect fit for their face’s shape.

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