Top Reasons Why MBT Shoe is the Best Running Shoes for Women?

MBT or Masai Barefoot Technology is the newest innovation in the industry of footwear. It is Europe’s Class 1 medical device that gives rise to a revolutionary change in health and wellness. This patented Swiss engineering system is the result of more than 70 medical researches and studies. Now, MBT shoes become the most favored and popular running shoes in Australia and other parts of the world.


Here are the reasons why women prefer MBT shoes over the other running shoes from online Australia shops:

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The Bunion Case and Cure

Science and technology in all their ground-breaking achievements remain helpless in the face of some of humanity’s very common problems particularly in health, diseases and injuries. Despite the many technological advances and scientific breakthroughs in health science, there is today a continuously growing number of known physical injuries to muscle and joints that have neither a definitive explanation nor lasting solution. Short of becoming a mystery, these problems continue to plague a substantial number of individuals.

One such almost health mystery is the bunion, a common disorder characterized by uncomfortable, irritating and often even extremely painful swelling on the first joint of the big toe. In simpler terms, it appears as a bony bump in the base of the big toe that forces it to stick out. To date, there is no conclusive scientific explanation on the causes of the disorder although it is widely speculated to result from abnormal foot function, mechanics, anatomy and genetic factors. Even more strangely, the bunions are very common among women which have led to hypothesis that it may be caused by wearing tight-fitting shoes, high heels and narrow toed shoes which is common among females.

But as it is, science explains that bunions involve bulging on the outside of the base of the big toe characterized by swelling, redness or soreness in area of the joint. Aside from causing pain due to swelling, it also restricts movement of the toe. For now, it is associated with arthritis particularly rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the joints instead of foreign substances like bacteria and viruses and often causes joint deformity.

In Singapore, bunion treatments vary in relation to the severity of the disorder, that is, the degree of swelling. As a basic, there are over the counter drugs aimed at relieve pain in the heel. Proven effective pain relievers in Singapore include ibuprofen, Advil and Motrin IB and naproxen sodium Aleve. Although effective in regulating pain, they do not treat the root cause of the problem and have no therapeutic applications as bunion cures.

And then there are the short-term solutions which are non-surgical in nature and only involve therapies such as rest and wearing wider or looser shoes or sandals with a supportive sole in order to often relieve irritation and pain. Using walking shoes instead of high-heeled styles cab also relieve pressure on the sides of the foot and can therefore help in natural healing. If the bunion is still in an early stage and with minimal deformity, using a bunion shield, splint or pad can help reduce pressure on the bunion can allow stretching of tight soft tissue structures particularly between the toes and prevent them from bulging. Other therapies also aim to manipulate joint structures to preserve mobility of the joint and prevent further deformity.

And of course, in Singapore, bunion surgery is still best for more severe cases characterized by deformities, pain and immobility. Bunion surgery involves restoring the big toe to its correct position by placing bones, ligaments, tendons and nerves back into correct order, to remove the bump.

5 Essential Web Design Tips for Your Business

Your website serves as the face of your business, online. It functions round the clock so it’s only fitting to ensure it’s working well. Like any Internet user, you know how poorly designed websites can put off visitors. If the page looks outdated and information you’re looking for is not available, chances are you’ll move to another site. Make it a ritual to always check your business website. Here are tips to help improve design for your business website.
  1. Keep it clutter-free. Our eyes can only handle as much information. Users have limited attention span and truth be told, we rarely read every word we see on a website. People are more likely to scan and go straight to details they need. That said, evaluate your website to see if it looks clean. Eliminate unnecessary information on your homepage and don’t forget to make your calls-to-action visible right away. Make these buttons stand out so you can attract as many conversions as you can. Important messages should be highlighted and easy-to-read. Incorporate images or visuals too because that’s what consumers see before anything else.
  1. Prioritize readability. While people are less likely to read your content word for word, readability should still be top of your list when designing your website. Come to think of it, users will not waste their time trying to figure hard-to-read fonts. Make sure that background color you’re using is in contrast with your font colors. If you have a light-colored background, your text should hence be dark-colored. You might also want to limit font types you’re using. Decide on a couple you’ll want your website to use. There’s nothing wrong with being creative, but don’t let it take a toll on readability. Singapore web design professionals will attest to this.
  1. Make sure it’s easy to navigate. Always place yourself in the shoes of a typical user. Be sure filters and navigation menus are present. Let your visitors locate data they need fast by providing them with a structured or organized menu. Your logo should also be linked to your homepage so anywhere your user goes, it will be easy for them to go back. Crucial information should always be found on top of the webpage, without the need for users to scroll down. And your footer should also allow for helpful information or links.
  1. Include social sharing buttons. Don’t forget to include social media buttons on your website. This will make content sharing a lot easier and faster; plus, it will work to your favor. You’ll never know how much exposure your content can gain if your site visitors will be sharing them with their followers and friends. This should be easy to do, especially if you have a Singapore based web design company working for you.
  1. Don’t forget your website’s mobile version. Since people also use their mobile phones heavily to browse the Internet, it pays to ensure your website is responsive. Whether visitors are checking it via desktop or mobile, your content should be easy-on-the-eyes and your website, overall, should be easy to navigate.
Use this list above as a checklist for evaluating your business website. Good if you already have them in place and if not, start working on them as soon as possible. Call for help from website design professionals in Singapore.

Personalize Your Dream House Inside and Out


More often than not, people are often dead tired and exhausted when the sun finally sets to give way to the other celestial bodies in the night sky like the moon and the stars because of all the duties, obligations and tasks that they have to finish like tons of paperwork that they have to file and other orders from the top brass of the company that they work for. And that is why they would love nothing better than to brave the influx of cars during the evening rush hour traffic, head straight home to the loving arms of their friends and family and enjoy some peace and quiet away from the troubles that they experience in the outside world. This will give them ample time to recharge and recuperate from all the hard work that they accomplished all throughout the day as well as the chance to gather their thoughts and reflect about the world in general.

And that is the reason why people are scrambling hard in their respective jobs and pushing themselves to the limit with each passing day because they want to earn enough money so that they can build their dream house that they have wanted ever since the dawn of time and the world began. Aside from a four-car garage where they can stash their exotic rides, a swimming pool where they can cool off on hot summer days as well as a tennis court where they can play with their friends when they come over for a visit, they also want floor to ceiling windows complete with curtains from Singapore so that they can let the sunlight and warmth inside their house. Therefore, it goes without saying that these people are exerting all the effort that they can to shower their lovely abodes with tender love and care all the time.  Continue reading

Mia’s Dress – Fashion Design of the Month

OMG! So cute!

Maja Gazvoda

This is sort of continuation or glimpse inside of making the dress that I presented on a fashion show and you’ve already seen few photos in my previous post. But I want you to know everything that this dress represents. From the idea to the person wearing it.  


It was in late December of 2016, I was with Mia and few friends in Ljubljana shopping, but mostly just trying on expensive dresses and shoes that we couldn’t afford. And Mia came across this 700€ dress, with a beautiful pleated skirt and very girly top with collar. Mia tried it on, she spinned and that was the moment both of us just fell in love with the movement of this dress, colours and material. Although we didn’t like the top that made her look like a 12 years old school girl, we left the store with wow-that-skirt-is-so-beautiful-wow kind…

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The food conundrum

Interesting ^^

Letters from Athens

'What's for dinner?'
 Providing the answer to this simple question is getting increasingly complicated.  Even a quick glance at the daily news turns every meal into an experience fraught with uncertainty and guilt. Because almost everything turns out to be bad for the health, or the environment, or both.

Meat is high in fats and cholesterol and stuffed with antibiotics and hormones.
– Fish is full of metal deposits and also guilt-inducing due to overfishing. Sushi is particularly to blame for the depletion of the oceans. Another minus is that, according to a recent article, fish are eating minute particles of plastic – it seems that plastic smells good when mixed with seawater – and this ends up in their tissues.
Vegetables and fruit are riddled with pesticides, unless they are organic.
Dairy products are to be totally avoided, being indigestible and artery-clogging. Cheese, in particular, is…

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Throw a Party to Foster Camaraderie


As the old saying goes, no man is an island and people are naturally social beings because people thrive in communities and anthropological groups where they are surrounded by like-minded and similar people much like themselves who give them the unconditional love, undying support and constructive criticism that they need to grow. Sure, there are shy introverts and timid wallflowers out there who are afraid of their time in the limelight especially in socially awkward situations but sooner or later, they need to emerge from their private cocoons and safety bubble. And of course, they still enjoy the company of their closest friends and beloved family members especially on dark, dismal and lonely days when nothing seems to be going their way and they just need a hug or a couple of pats in the back reassuring them that everything is going to be alright in the end.

Speaking of dark and depressing days when they feel like giving up, throwing in the towel at the centre of the ring and waving the proverbial white flag, it is imperative for people to hang out with the folks that they love who will give them the motivation that they need to power through, move forward and prevent the early onset of deep and brooding depression. In times like these, great food brings good people together and that is why we see companies throwing a party and hiring a corporate catering business in Singapore to boost the morale of the whole team especially during tough times and lean months. Continue reading

France, food and portion control

French! I kissed it and I cooked it!

Where to next?

Melon salad Melon salad in St Brieuc—very manageable

We’ve been overseas for almost two months and enjoyed almost three weeks travelling around France. We’ve enjoying the landscapes, the museums and other touristic sites, the language, the cheese, the wine and the food, in general.

But nothing prepared us for portion control.

The French have a wonderful lunchtime option called the ‘plat du jour’.  It’s only offered at lunchtime on weekdays and it can be one, two or three courses—meaning an entrée (or starter depending on where you live), a main and a dessert.

The plat du jour is usually quite generous and usually ranged in price from 10 to 15 euros. I usually ordered an entrée and main, while Mr. Sweet Tooth usually opted for a main and dessert. When we ordered the plat du jour, we usually went very light on dinner.

Butter tart Custard tart

Fromage blanc with strawberries Fromage blanc with strawberries

When we headed out…

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