Mia’s Dress – Fashion Design of the Month

OMG! So cute!

Maja Gazvoda

This is sort of continuation or glimpse inside of making the dress that I presented on a fashion show and you’ve already seen few photos in my previous post. But I want you to know everything that this dress represents. From the idea to the person wearing it.  


It was in late December of 2016, I was with Mia and few friends in Ljubljana shopping, but mostly just trying on expensive dresses and shoes that we couldn’t afford. And Mia came across this 700€ dress, with a beautiful pleated skirt and very girly top with collar. Mia tried it on, she spinned and that was the moment both of us just fell in love with the movement of this dress, colours and material. Although we didn’t like the top that made her look like a 12 years old school girl, we left the store with wow-that-skirt-is-so-beautiful-wow kind…

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