Essential Tips Before Investing in a New Portal Crane for Your Business


If you’re looking for a lifting equipment to use for your company, you’ll want to be specific when it comes to application requirements. It will be easier to identify the best product for your needs if you can also educate the crane supplier in Singapore about your building structure.

What You Need to Look Into

There are several factors you need to look into. First is the lifting capacity of the device. Depending on the type of products you need to move or transport, you’ll want a crane that will be able to support your operations.

You’ll want to look into the maximum capacity of a crane and how much it can move in a given period. You will also need to coordinate with your engineer to ensure that the type of overhead crane you use can be supported by the building structure.  The ceiling should be able to bear the load the crane carries with no issues.

One common lifting device is the semi portal crane which is also widely available in Singapore. Suppliers make sure that the design and the manufacturing process adhere to international standards. This type of crane can carry load ranging from 2000 kg up to 15000 kg. 

Should you need a crane that can carry loads heavier than this, then you can always talk to your supplier. They may be able to design a lifting device that matches your specifications and performance requirements.

It helps a lot if you work with an engineering company in Singapore that offers a wide variety of lifting devices. This will help you save time in sourcing your equipment.  Once you have finally decided which one to use for your business facility, the next thing you need to take care of is the inspection once the equipment is delivered.

Don’t Forget Safety When Working Around Cranes

While you trust your engineering needs supplier, you’ll want to be very sure that every equipment you use is working perfectly. In this regard, you’ll need the assistance of experts in inspecting your new lifting device.

Every part should be checked before starting operations.  In the event that you notice issues, make sure to notify your supplier right away. If you push through with the operations without checking your equipment, you’re also compromising safety.  And that can turn to an even bigger issue.

Make sure operators are aware where the power disconnect switch is. In the event that the crane continues to operate even after the control button is pressed, someone can immediately cut off the power.

That said, make sure that your staff receives proper training on how to use the new lifting device.  And don’t forget all other devices that come with the crane. If you also ordered electric chain hoist from your supplier in Singapore, make sure to advise your employees about it. 

You can never be too complacent about workplace safety. Accidents can happen anytime and stakes are higher during operating hours.  In this regard, you may want to invest in tools with extra safety features such as an explosion proof hoist crane sold in Singapore.

Once you’re already confident with the services your crane supplier, the only job left is for you to ensure safe working conditions.

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